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An Overview Of The Best Breeds Of Backyard Chickens

By Tom Seest

What Are the Best Backyard Chicken Breeds?

If you’ve been contemplating getting a flock of backyard chickens but aren’t sure what kind to get, then you’re not alone. Thankfully, there are several great choices available. These backyard chicken breeds make great pets for kids and are also great for egg production. You will need to determine which breed characteristics are important to you and then look at the various characteristics of each breed. This article makes an attempt to get you familiar with some of these types of popular breeds.

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Are Ameraucanas the Best Backyard Chicken Breed?

If you’re looking for a chicken that doesn’t require much care and is able to keep up with your busy schedule, Ameraucanas are the breed for you. They’re independent, friendly, and don’t mind small children. These chickens are also decent layers and tolerate being kept in a pen. In addition, they tend to stay to themselves, so you won’t have to worry about them getting into mischief.
Ameraucana chickens are a heritage breed that dates back to the 1950s. Originally, this breed was created through the cross-breeding of two ancient breeds. The Dominique and Araucana were bred together to make this hybrid, which eventually became the Ameraucana. The breed was first recognized as bantam chickens by the American Poultry Association, and in the 1980s, the standard size was recognized.
Ameraucana chickens have distinctive coloration. They come in a rainbow of shades and are very easy to care for. These chickens lay large, beautiful eggs and are also good foragers. Their omnivorous diet will keep unwanted insects and other pests from your garden.
Ameraucanas are a good choice for beginners in the chicken hobby. They’re hardy, have a friendly demeanor, and are easy to raise. Even experienced chicken keepers will love the Ameraucana breed.

This photo was taken by jianwei zhu and is available on Pexels at https://www.pexels.com/photo/baked-chicken-with-sauce-8463442/.

Are Golden Comets the Best Backyard Chicken Breed?

Golden Comet chickens produce a large number of eggs. This ensures that you’ll have fresh eggs ready to eat whenever you want them. Keeping these chickens is not difficult if you’re willing to invest the time in providing them with adequate space and a nutritious diet. The eggs they produce will be a welcome addition to any breakfast table!
This breed is quiet and is good for backyard flocks. Golden Comet hens can lay up to 335 eggs a year. Their average egg size is one ounce, and they can lay as early as 16 weeks old. They’re excellent for backyard farms because they lay consistently and reliably. Golden Comet hens weigh four to seven pounds, and roosters weigh six to eight pounds.
Golden Comet chickens are one of the modern strains of egg-laying chickens. They’re a cross between the White Leghorn and Rhode Island Red. They can lay 250 to 300 large eggs a year and are not afraid to be handled. Unlike other breeds, Golden Comets are easy to care for and produce good eggs.
Golden Comet chickens lay eggs at 16 weeks of age and continue to do so until they’re two and a half years old. Once they reach two years of age, egg production decreases to about three or four eggs a week. Golden Comets are known to be friendly and gentle around children. They’re easy to care for and will easily fit into your flock.

This photo was taken by jianwei zhu and is available on Pexels at https://www.pexels.com/photo/deep-fried-chicken-with-sauce-8463447/.

Are Wyandottes the Best Backyard Chicken Breed?

The Wyandotte breed is known for its hardiness and docility. They can tolerate cold weather and are well-adapted to confined living conditions. They have large bodies and dense feathering. Their rose combs also make them excellent foragers. They are highly adaptable and don’t get sick easily from airborne predators.
The Wyandotte chicken is a dual-purpose breed that can be raised for meat and eggs. The Wyandotte can reach a mature weight of about six to eight pounds. Although their egg production decreases after three years, they are still excellent at helping with pest control. They can also forage for insect larvae and produce fertilizer for your garden. The Wyandotte chicken is available in 10 recognized colors. When they reach maturity, their feather pattern is consistent and predictable.
Unlike other types of backyard chickens, Wyandottes are easy to care for. They don’t require elaborate living arrangements, and they are non-aggressive and friendly. They are also able to tolerate being picked up and held, which makes them great for beginners.
Wyandotte chickens do well in a fenced area. They’re gentle and peaceful, but they do need room to roam. This means you have to be prepared to lose a few birds. A fenced-in area with two to three square feet of space per chicken is ample. But be prepared for Wyandottes to eat and destroy your garden.

This photo was taken by jianwei zhu and is available on Pexels at https://www.pexels.com/photo/delicious-chicken-with-sauce-8463450/.

Are Cochins the Best Backyard Chicken Breed?

Chickens are the best backyard pets for any homestead. These adorable animals provide you with not only eggs, but also a great deal of fertilizer for your garden. The best breeds for backyard chickens are friendly, docile, and curious. Among the most popular backyard chickens are the Speckled Sussex and the Black Australorp. Both of these breeds are good layers and produce good meat.
Backyard chickens require the right diet for optimal health and performance. Without the right diet, vitamin deficiencies can shorten their life span and produce eggs of poor quality. Fortunately, chickens can be nourished with vitamins that are similar to human vitamins. Some of the most common symptoms of vitamin deficiency are lower egg production, tiredness, and a puffy chest. Supplement your backyard chicken’s diet with natural vitamin sources like peas and spinach.
Lohmann Browns are popular with farmers for their excellent egg-laying ability and good temperaments. They also tend to be good companions for children and are very hardy. They lay a large number of eggs a year. This breed also begins laying eggs earlier than other egg-laying breeds, which means you can enjoy the bounty throughout the year.
Orpingtons are another great option for backyard chickens. These breeds can lay up to 200 eggs per year and are mellow, easy-going pets. Unlike some other breeds, they’re large enough to be outside pets. They’re also a great choice for those who prefer an all-purpose utility chicken.

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Are Jersey Giants the Best Backyard Chicken Breed?

As with other large chickens, Jersey Giants require plenty of space to roam. Ideally, you should have a minimum of eight square feet of space for each bird. However, if your space is limited, four square feet per bird should suffice. Additionally, they require about six to eight square feet of perching space.
These large chickens are slow to mature and do require extra feed, but the meat they produce is worth the extra effort. They also need extra minerals for bone strength. Although Giants are not fast-maturing, they tend to be good mothers. However, some strains of Jersey Giants are not prone to brooding, so be sure to inquire with your breeder about their brooding habits before purchasing any flock.
A Jersey Giant is a large chicken with a sweet temperament and good cold tolerance. They are also not the most active chickens, but their meat is quite tender. A male Jersey Giant can reach 15 pounds, while a female will grow to about 11 pounds. A large coop will be necessary for a Jersey Giant, as it needs enough room to move around.
The Jersey Giant is a great choice for backyard hobby farmers or homesteaders. They lay large eggs and make excellent table fare. The Jersey Giant can live up to 12 years if they are taken care of properly. While the Jersey Giant may not have the longest lifespan of any breed, their large size and friendly nature make them the ideal choice for a backyard flock.

This photo was taken by jianwei zhu and is available on Pexels at https://www.pexels.com/photo/deep-fried-food-with-sauce-served-in-a-restaurant-8463462/.

Are Plymouth Rocks the Best Backyard Chicken Breed?

Plymouth Rocks are great backyard chickens because they produce a large number of eggs. They can lay as many as 200 eggs a year. In addition, they are extremely hardy and will lay throughout the winter. This breed of chicken is also ideal for people who want chickens to produce eggs and meat.
Plymouth Rocks are a dual-purpose breed, meaning that they can be raised both for eggs and meat. Once they’ve reached the optimum meat-producing age, you can keep them for egg-laying. After that, their egg production may start to wane, but they still make great pets.
As a backyard chicken, you can allow your Plymouth Rocks to roam freely. They enjoy eating bugs and plants, and you can also give them kitchen scraps. However, certain scraps aren’t good for them, including avocados, dried beans, rotten foods, and green potato skins.
Plymouth Rocks have easy-going personalities, and they are very curious. The breed also tolerates confinement well. They are friendly, and they get along well with other chickens in the flock. While they can be aggressive at times, they’re not known for attacking people or other animals.
The Plymouth Rock chicken is one of the oldest chicken breeds in the United States and is an excellent choice for new backyard chicken owners. They’re easy to raise and don’t need much care. In addition, they’re one of the sweetest chicken breeds around.

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